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Sıla Kcmz posted this 26 October 2016

when I used mobile sdk , I had error in adroid studio but I can use mobile sdk in eclipse . Error is:

No implementation found for void (tried Java_com_abbyy_mobile_imaging_FineOperation_nativeCache and Java_com_abbyy_mobile_imaging_FineOperation_nativeCache__)

Is there anybody else that run sdk in android studio ?

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IvanPopov posted this 27 October 2016

Could you please specify what versions of ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK and Android Studio you are using? Also, please clarify whether this behavior occurs in the standard MISDK sample or in your own application.

Sıla Kcmz posted this 31 October 2016


Android studio version is 2.2.1 . Java version 8
Mobile sdk version is 1.0

My code is

FineCrop fi = new FineCrop(new MIRect());

MIRect class throws exception. Mobile sdk version is 1.0

Should i add file my project with jar files

IvanPopov posted this 31 October 2016

Thank you for the provided details. We sent a request for additional information to your e-mail.