Hello.java sample code provided by ABBYY Flexi Capture 11 R2 is giving unspecified error

  • Last Post 31 October 2016
Shilpa posted this 27 October 2016

I have installed ABBYY flexi capture SDK on my local machine, I created java application in NetBeans 8.02 and added Hello.java sample code provided by ABBYY,and also added com.abbyy.FCEngine.jar in project. While running this Hello class I am getting Unspecified Error. How can I resolve this Error?

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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 27 October 2016

The “Unspecified error” may occur if you try to use FCEngine as a 64bit library, but you compile your application with 32bit JDK, or in reverse when you've installed FCEngine as a 32bit library, but you compile the application with 64bit JDK. Could you please check this assumption?

If the issue is still actual, kindly send to SDK_Support@abbyy.com the following information:

1) The serial number of your FCEngine package.

2) The AInfo report from your machine. To create this report please do the following:

  • Run the application and reproduce the error;
  • Go to the FCEngine installation folder, \Bin\Support;
  • Run the AInfo.exe and wait until the utility gathers all the necessary information.

3) The step-by-step instruction with the screenshots what you are doing.

Shilpa posted this 27 October 2016

Is there any license issue, because when I was installing SDK at that time it asked for license activation and It was not activated.

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 31 October 2016

If you activated the license during the first installation, you should not re-activate the license while the program is used on the same machine.

Kindly specify if the issue with 'Unspecified error' is still actual after re-installing the program. If yes, please provide us with the listed below information.