Unable to upload a file to ABBYY Cloud OCR for processing

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vandana posted this 14 January 2013

When I run the code ClientSettings.java from the code samples given for cloud OCR SDK in java. I get an error which says "Uploading File... Exception occurred: HTTP 401 Unauthorized. Please check your application id and password." I have provided correct application id an password in the code ClientSettings.java but still it gives me the above error. Please let me now where am I going wrong.


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Andrey Isaev posted this 15 January 2013

Please reset your application password and try again

vandana posted this 15 January 2013

Thank you it worked.

Rinni posted this 2 weeks ago

Abbyy Cloud OCR: Error performing OCR: Cannot upload file AbbyyCloudErrorRunEngine

getting this exception when I am trying to use this OCR in uipath

I have tried to reset the password after which it ran once but got this issue  2nd time

RuskinF posted this yesterday

The Error 401 you got tells that you are not authenticated to use that resource.

I suggest you try resetting the application ID and password and then update that in the code clientsettings.java.

Let us know if the issue gets solved or not.