Mobile OCR Engine iOS - License stopped working

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tadija posted this 13 December 2016


one week ago we integrated ABBYY SDK into iOS project and made it work with payed license file sent from client.

Recently we noticed that OCR silently stopped working (in the same builds where it worked before) without any changes in project.

There is no any error on initialization of OCR engine, everything works as expected (all objects are there, no errors), it just started returning nil in CMocrBusinessCard each time when we try to call recognizeBusinessCard with IMocrRecognitionManager.

When I tried to put demo license file instead of payed license it started to work again, so I have few questions about this payed license:

  1. Does this license have expiration date?
  2. Where can I check status of license we have?
  3. Is license related to some fixed app bundle id (we changed that in project, but it worked for some time already and then stopped working)?
  4. Why don't I get any error in CMocrEngine.getLastError if license is obviously not working?
  5. What can we do now?

Thanks, Marko

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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 14 December 2016

Hi, kindly send your serial number to We will check the properties of this license in the database and let you know.

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 14 December 2016

Thank you for the provided information. According to our database, this license is really trial and it is expired. However I also see that it has been extended till 15 January 2017 some time hours ago by my colleague. Do I understand correctly that the issue is solved now?