Error send to failed EPIPE (broken pipe) - android

  • Last Post 19 December 2016
shivani posted this 17 December 2016

I have used your sample code as it is.

Getting error after the file is getting uploaded. Image is in .jpg format also have compressed it to 5kb.

Please do help. Dont know what is going wrong

Code downloaded from your website itself.

Should i be uploading data in xml format rather than bytes ??

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Oksana S. posted this 19 December 2016

The mentioned error message is not specifically related to Cloud OCR SDK. Possibly it is connected with some network issues. Please note that a good network connection is required to work with Cloud OCR SDK, so please double check that your device is connected to the Internet and your application has permission to use the Internet.

Also please try to find the solution in the Stack Overflow Community.

If the issue is still actual, please send us your Application ID and the logs from any HTTP debugger to

shivani posted this 19 December 2016

Hi thanks for the answer. Really appreciate your help.

But i checked the internet connection is fine and also the application has internet permission in its manifest file.

I checked star overflow didn't find any apt/satisfactory answer so came to your forum as last resort for help.

Oksana S. posted this 19 December 2016

Would you be so kind to specify your Application ID and send us any logs where we can see some details?