retaining picture areas after PDF save | enabling "copy image" and "save image as" options

  • Last Post 03 January 2017
DigitalDej posted this 31 December 2016

On all of my previously recognized and saved PDF documents, you could hover over an area that had been marked as a picture, and the selection tool would become a plus-symbol shape. You could then right-click and a dialogue box would pup up with the option to copy or save the image.

The issue is that now, when you hover over those areas the selection tool is still the arrow with the box, which allows you to click and drag to create a selection area, but does not recognize the already determined picture. Right clicking on the photo or the photo area does not allow to copy or save the image, instead it list the generic 'add bookmark', etc. dialogue box. It is almost as if it does not recognize these areas as individual photos anymore.

I am still using the same 'text under page image' setting, and have restored my preferences back to defaults. I have also tried going between marking the area as a photo and as a background photo, both with no luck.

How can I save the PDFs in a way that retains that these are in fact individual images and can be saved as such.

Thank you

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 03 January 2017

Season greetings to you!

To better assist you we need some clarifications:

  1. What ABBYY product do you use? Kindly provide us your serial number.

  2. Can you please send your initial image, the outputs you received and the used recognition settings?

  3. Please give us the details of the issue, the detailed description with screenshots will be welcome.

You can send this information to