How can I export text recognition result to a C++ usable format?

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imenmelki posted this 25 January 2017

I would like to export the detected text into a usable C++ format (string). Is there any way to do so? Thank you for your help

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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 26 January 2017


If you use FineReader Engine 11, there are two potentially useful ways for your usage scenario:

  • You can use either the PlainText property of the FRDocument object that returns the text of the recognized document in a special "plain text" format. This object has the Text property which provides access to the whole recognized text in a form of Unicode string,
  • Or you can try to use the ExportToMemory method of the FRDocument object. This method saves the document into memory by means of the IFileWriter object. You can find the code sample (in C#) in Developer's Help -> API Reference -> Supplementary Objects and Methods -> IFileWriter, section "Samples".

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imenmelki posted this 14 February 2017

Thanks for your response. I used the text property and it worked very well however I still have a problem: the detected text is allways followed by a? How can I solve this? Besides I would like to get the confidence level of each recognized word. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 16 February 2017


Regarding your first question, please provide the following information to your region Technical Support team (

  1. The serial number of your FREngine package.
  2. The build number of your FREngine distribution.
  3. A detailed description of the issue with the image sample and the resulting file.
  4. A code snippet where the FREngine methods are called.

ABBYY technical support engineers will be glad to assist you.

As for your second question about the word confidence, please review the How to get Word Confidence article in our Knowledgebase.