Feature request: Provide a service method to download output

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Nico posted this 12 April 2013

That's for (at least) the following reasons:

  • it seems a bit odd to do the whole processing via a service - and afterwards download the output via a download link
  • the current mechanism is inconvenient since the client is responsible for remembering the order of the requested export formats and match them to the several download URLs; by providing a service method the service may encapsulate this information

The service method might look as follows:

[GET] http(s)://cloud.ocrsdk.com/getOutput

with the following query parameters

  • taskId
  • exportFormat

If you think this service method is desirable, please vote for this feature request.

Thanks, Nico

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Dmitry Me posted this 12 April 2013

It's not true that it's "insecure" - the download URL contains a cryptographically generated random token with rather short validity period. You can only download the file if you know the link with the token and the token is "fresh enough". It's technically impossible to guess the token and if it leaks accidentally then it is only valid for certain period of time.

Nico posted this 12 April 2013

Fine with me. I don't fancy discussing what's secure and what's not. How about the other two points?

Anastasiya Medvedeva posted this 22 April 2013

Hi Nico,

Please vote this feature request up if it is important for you.

Nico posted this 22 April 2013

To my understanding, I'm unable to vote my own questions (please let me know if I'm wrong here). I've marked it as a favourite instead.

Nico posted this 23 April 2013

I've deleted the comment about insecureness in my initial question.