processBusinessCard gives 200 but in response status is queued

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udayveerpatial posted this 13 April 2013

I am Posting the image file to Although I get 200, but I get the following response : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><response><task id="15de8fa4-24bd-468c-b715-b179210c77c5" registrationtime="2013-04-13T12:08:51Z" statuschangetime="2013-04-13T12:08:52Z" status="Queued" filescount="1" credits="5" estimatedprocessingtime="2"/></response>

Anything wrong with request or is it the OCR cloud problem??

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Oksana S. posted this 19 April 2018

To process business cards you can use the processBusinessCard method. It could be easily tested with our C# sample: follow C# Quick Start Guide and press the "Business card" button in the GUI sample.

As for the programming aspects, Cloud OCR SDK is implemented using the REST software architecture principles and can be accessed through the API by HTTP or HTTPS requests. It works as following:

  1. You upload your images (a business card) and the recognition parameters to our server. The image is transmitted in the request body of the corresponding processing method (in your case it should be POST request with the processBusinessCard method), and the recognition settings are specified in the parameters of the specific method (for example, "").

  2. Your images are processed. You can get the status of your task using the getTaskStatus method.

  3. Once the status of your task is "Completed" you get a service response containing the link (the resultUrl attribute) to the output file which you should download. Using these URL you can download the recognition result in corresponding export format. For business card recognition three following export formats are available: vCard, csv and xml.

Please see our code samples in .NET, Java and Android where this method is implemented:

And if you going to implement your application as a mobile one, the Photographing Business Cards with a Mobile Phone article should be also useful for you.

Muzamil Hassan posted this 17 April 2018

How do you resolved , Kindly explain complete process to get businesscard detail

udayveerpatial posted this 13 April 2013

Ok resolved. Need to do certain steps after that. Went through the documentation and resolved.

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