ABBYY OCR original centring detection when scanning a drawing

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Moses Ekbote posted this 18 August 2017


We have a abbyy fine reader engine running in the backend of our scanning solution. We have two issues with it

a) when document with drawings scanned the image gets skewed as what we observed from the skew the engine is taking centre position as a reference point and adjusting the image thus skewing.

Normal text and other documents are fine. It only happens with drawings.

b) when scanned with signature on a blank page the image is omitted considering it as a blank image. if we turn off the blank detection then the image with signature is processed fine.

this happens only when signature is the only data on the page.

Kindly assist and advise if I can edit anything in joboptions to make it work..



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Nikolay Krivchanskiy posted this 21 August 2017

 Hi Moses,


For your first issue you could try disabling skew correction, which can be done with PrepareImageMode::CorrectSkewMode set to 0.


For the second issue we would suggest using the FRPage::IsEmptyEx function and trying to tune the parameters of passed EmptyPageDetectionParams object. This will allow you to specify which pages you wish to consider blank.


If this reply will not be helpful, please attach the image example. If it is not possible due to privacy issues, contact us by with examples attached.

Moses Ekbote posted this 01 September 2017

Thanks Nikolay for the quick response.

I looked at the jobs options available for editing and cannot see these parameters. The capture solutions I am using has a backend abbyy engine and when I check the installed folder I am not able to see these parameters. is there any other way I can access and change?



Nikolay Krivchanskiy posted this 05 September 2017

Hi Moses,

As far as I understand, you are using the application not developed by ABBYY, but using ABBYY FineReader Engine as a backend. 

If this is the case, please contact the company that developed aforesaid application.

If this is not the case then please check the following:

• For information about FRPage and EmptyPageDetectionParams, please refer to Help → Document-Related Objects → Document Organization → FRPage. Methods IsEmpty and IsEmptyEx.

• For information about PrepareImageMode, please refer to Help → Image-Related Objects → PrepareImageMode.