ABBYY OCR SDK xamarin support: ID card to text recognition

  • Last Post 08 November 2018
Ping Pong posted this 22 October 2018

I need to integrate OCR engine in Xamarin Android, which allows extract text from driving licences via a phone camera.

Abbyy Real-time Recognition SDK below seems the best option. However, I cannot see Xamarin sdk.


1 How can I use RTR SDK in Xamarin Android? (Is there a Xamarin SDK from Abbyy?)


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Diana Khammatova posted this 24 October 2018

Unfortunately, we do not have any Xamarin samples for Real-Time Recognition SDK (only for ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK and for old Xamarin versions), but it is technically possible to use RTR in projects developed in Xamarin.

Xamarin sample for ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK does not support the latest version of Xamarin and it was not thoroughly tested, that’s why we provide it only on demand. Please let us know if you would like to try ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK instead of Real-Time Recognition SDK.

Ping Pong posted this 24 October 2018

I* need it to run offline, does ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK require internet connection?

Diana Khammatova posted this 25 October 2018

As you correctly pointed out ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK requires Internet connection for work therefore the ability to work offline is not available.

Ganesh Vadlakonda posted this 08 November 2018

HI Diana,

I am looking for RTR SDK integration into Xamarin, could you please let me know the SDK support, Samples and also provide the details and documentation.

Thank you