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  • Last Post 15 May 2017
صفاء القثامي posted this 02 May 2017

I would like to help me . I download ABBYY SDK to do real time Text Recognition  and Translation Text from here http://rtrsdk.com . I use iOS platform .    but when i try it . the  caputer text interface does not work with iOS  and I see this video    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AytRLl11eLg&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiT0RnM01ESm1NR1ZsTURVMCIsInQiOiJZQXFKbCs5M3BkWE9ncm9aTzBzYnlmSEhnV3lSbWpGZFFcL1VzR3Ryd0lla2Q0emZnckh1MkdtUG9oOXdjVFJqdWRSOThiM0IwdVwvMDdYa0tzYWgrNFNsN253MTRYZEFkQlh5cUxpWmd6b0V0eDVaazQ1SU5hclVEUTRYOER2Vm9LIn0%3D   this interface is works in the video  .    please , Can you tell me how I Can buy this interface or how I get this Feature .   Please ,  I have capstone project I need this Feature  .

Lilya Chesnova posted this 15 May 2017

Please contact our sales managers via http://rtrsdk.com/contacts/