After OCR Chinese (Traditional, Simplified) language pdf file got "diamonds" in space

  • Last Post 12 April 2017
aravindb posted this 12 April 2017


   I am using FR Engine 10, try to convert pdf to spdf file, when English document no problem, but when in Chinese document after ocr i copy and paste in word document , i will get diamonds in word document.

I am passed ISynthesisParamsForDocument as well as TextExportMode  same like form this documentation





Oksana Serdyuk posted this 12 April 2017

As some Chinese symbols are included in the result, FREngine has managed to extract some of the text. Would you be so kind to send us the following additional information for reproducing the situation on our side? Please send to
1. The serial number of your copy of the program.
2. The source PDF file (before recognition) illustrating the issue.
3. The code snippet where we can see what recognition settings you use.