After OCR png file using not getting result correctly

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aravindb posted this 26 April 2017


  I am try to recognize Chinese character ,after OCR charters showing diamonds,number and symbols.

This is the settings   and  this is output Here i upload png file.

Pls reply asap



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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 28 April 2017

Thank you for the provided image. I have managed to reproduce the issue. Now I am consulting with the developers to find out what is the reason of such behavior. As a workaround I can suggest to use the documentConversion profile.

aravindb posted this 29 April 2017


Thank u for ur reply, if use documentConversion profile it looks good,but want to extract text correctly.

Currently i am evaluating ABBYY FR Engine, i want to know it work as expected one. I want to convert PDF to SPDF (Searchable PDF) which is support Chinese (Simplified and Traditional ) , Thai, Arabic .For this can i get latest FR Engine free trial SDK ? I already tried FR Enginge 14 exe, but i want SDK which going to use our VB/C# code.




Oksana Serdyuk posted this 10 May 2017

ABBYY FineReader Engine version is 11. To download the latest build of this product, please contact ABBYY Sales office in your country. You can find contact information for your local ABBYY office here.