after setting bookmark ,when I export its not showing any bookmark

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Ankit Kumar Sadangi posted this 17 July 2017

 not showing any bookmark in the output file

IDocumentProcessingParams docProc=engine.CreateDocumentProcessingParams();




IFRPages frPages=document.getPages();

IParagraph para=frPages.Item(0).getLayout().getBlocks().Item(0).GetAsTextBlock().getText().getParagraphs().Item(0);

IWord word=para.getWords().Item(0);


para.SetBookmark(word.getFirstSymbolPosition(), para.getLength(), "Branch");


IPDFExportParams pdfParams = engine.CreatePDFExportParams();




String pdfExportPath = "D:\\DD-94-2040866\\OutputBOOKMARKSFIRSTWORD06_DD-94-2040866.pdf";


displayMessage( "Processing image..." ); 



IFRPages frPages1=document.getPages();

IParagraph para1=frPages.Item(0).getLayout().getBlocks().Item(0).GetAsTextBlock().getText().getParagraphs().Item(0) ;


displayMessage( "Saving image..." );

document.Export( pdfExportPath, FileExportFormatEnum.FEF_PDF, pdfParams);        

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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 18 July 2017

FineReader Engine 11 supports creation of bookmarks in PDF. However, these are not bookmarks in general (Adobe) sense. Bookmarks in Adobe sense are represented by a tree structure and they are displayed in a separate window in Adobe Acrobat. Bookmarks in FREngine sense are simple local hyperlinks. Our API allows to create local hyperlinks as follows:

1) Add a bookmark using the IParagraph::SetBookmark method.
2) Create a hyperlink using the IEngine::CreateHyperlink method and specify the HS_Local type for its scheme (IHyperlink::Scheme).
3) Set an address where the hyperlink points to via the IHyperlink::Target. It should be a name of a bookmark created in step 1.
4) Use the IParagraph::SetHyperlink method to add a hyperlink to a paragraph. 

For example, to add a bookmark for the first text block in a document the code will be the following in C#:


                // Recognize document
                displayMessage( "Recognizing..." );
                document.Process( null );

                // Add a bookmark to the first text block
                FREngine.Layout layout1 = engineLoader.Engine.CreateLayout();
                layout1 = document.Pages.Item(0).Layout;
                for (int i = 0; i < layout1.Blocks.Count; i++)
                    if (layout1.Blocks.Item(i).Type == FREngine.BlockTypeEnum.BT_Text)
                        FREngine.TextBlock block = layout1.Blocks.Item(i).GetAsTextBlock();
                        block.Text.Paragraphs.Item(0).SetBookmark(0, 5, "MyBookmark");
                        FREngine.Hyperlink hprLink = engineLoader.Engine.CreateHyperlink();
                        hprLink.Scheme = FREngine.HyperlinkSchemeEnum.HS_Local;
                        hprLink.Target = "MyBookmark";
                        block.Text.Paragraphs.Item(0).SetHyperlink(0, block.Text.Paragraphs.Item(0).Length, hprLink);

                // Save results
                displayMessage( "Saving results..." );

                // Save results to pdf using 'balanced' scenario
                FREngine.PDFExportParams pdfParams = engineLoader.Engine.CreatePDFExportParams();
                pdfParams.Scenario = FREngine.PDFExportScenarioEnum.PES_Balanced;
                document.Export( Path.Combine( FreConfig.GetSamplesFolder(), @"SampleImages\Demo.pdf" ),
                    FREngine.FileExportFormatEnum.FEF_PDF, pdfParams );


Ankit Kumar Sadangi posted this 19 July 2017

Thanks for your reply