Hello everyone!

Is it possible to OCR this type of CAPTCHA using any tools? (please see the attachment)

I'm familiar with OCR and I've tried so much (such as removing gray lines, etc.) but I can't find a way (I don't want the code, I want the procedure itself)

now I filtered pixels with a threshold (gray level of 150) and removed horizontal and vertical lines (1 pixels line), result attached.

result is not as well as I expected in many cases, digits will be separated and can not be recognized.

note: I've used PHP, but any language or tool that able to clear the image, is accepted.

Sorry for my bad English! And thanks for your time :)


attachment: http://watergems.ir/projects/freelancer/OCR%5FProject.zip

(zip files cannot be attached, I have to upload my file somewhere else)