C4C setup - receiving NSURLErrorDomain error 1012

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Tim Haymon posted this 3 weeks ago


We have setup the native web service from SAP C4C with the application name (MLC4C_Card_Scan) and with the password given in the email.  We have ensured there are no trailing null spaces.  When we test it we received the NSURLErrorDomain error 1012.  We have verified the information and we have plenty of quota.  The only thing that I notice is C4C is using the processing URL 

http://cloud.ocrsdk.com but when I login it shows that we should be using  https://cloud-westus.ocrsdk.com.

I found an article that says cloud.ocrsdk.com is still a good URL.  Do you know what our issue could be?  

We would appreciate your help.




rainerp posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Tim,

Unfortunately we could not motivate SAP to adjust their code to work with both the US and European processing location of Cloud OCR SDK. The URL you are mentioning points to the European location and since you do not have an application there you are getting the error.

In order to solve the issue for the time being let me suggest the following:

1.) Please cancel your current subscription.

2.) Please create a new application in the European Datacenter and let me know via e-mail (I am sending my address to you).

3.) I shall have add some credits to your new application in order to allow you to test it.

4.) If everything works fine you can continue with the new application.

Hope this helps,