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Xasan2006 posted this 12 April 2018


I am developing Xamarin android app. I have created binding project for rtr sdk and could convert Java sample to c#. But when I run app it doesn't recognize anything and displays message in debug output(in IDE) like - "You must fill in and pass to the 'submitRequestedFrame' the same buffer, which was provided in the 'onRequestLatestFrame' call". I checked the code and see that it is passed the same buffer that got it from onRequestLatestFrame


Thanks in advance



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Diana Khammatova posted this 28 April 2018

In general, we don't provide support for the projects developed in Xamarin. However, it is technically possible to use mobile SDKs in such projects.

For example, on the Xamarin Developers portal there are several articles that can be used as a reference on how to link native libraries to the project: for Android for iOS



linzy posted this 02 May 2018

I resolved it perfectly.

See this and contact me.