Can we get text from movable camera with out button click ?

  • Last Post 21 July 2017
Rahul Sharma posted this 19 July 2017

hi there  this is Rahul,

i want to know can we use ABBYY SDK (iOS) with movable camera and Real Time Recognition text with out start and stop button for example if we move camera Recognition start and if we stop camera one point we will get result of scan text 


thx in advance

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 21 July 2017

Yes, you can get text from moving camera without start/stop buttons. You should create the TextCaptureService and feed the stream of frames from your camera to the service. You will be getting a continuous stream of recognition results with the 'stability' status from the service. The result stability status is an estimate of how stable the result is. When the stability achieved the needed status, you can get the result. You do not need to stop the service to get the result.