Cannot integrate Mobile Imaging SDK

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Damidu posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi, I'm trying to integrate Abbyy Mobile Imaging SDK to my Xcode project. (Xcode 9, iOS 11) 

How should I integrate it? Instructions given are not applicable anymore.

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Diana Khammatova posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi! Could you please specify whether you tried to follow the Help -> Programmer's Guide -> How to? -> Work with the Library for iOS -> How to Add the Library to a project in XCode manual? Could you please check that all items from the manual were performed correctly?

chathura posted this 2 weeks ago

Same here, As per the instructions, I followed all the steps which are needed to be done.

1. Create an Xcode project.

2. Added inc/libs folders to the project here (TARGETS-->(My Project)-->Build Phases-->Link Binary With Libraries)

3. Navigated to TARGETS-->(My Project)-->Build Settings

4. In Search Paths, mapped the Header Search Paths to the inc folder

5. In Search Paths, mapped the Library Search Oaths to the libs folder

6. In Linking, added -libmobileimagingengine -all_load -stdc++ as a value to Runpath Search Paths

7. As I'm using Xcode 9 and swift, I created a bridging header file in the project. There I included, #import <mobileImagingEngine.h>

to get access to SDK classes.

But this is not working.

Any update? Help me on this. How to integrate this? I needed to integrate this ASAP.

Diana Khammatova posted this 18 hours ago

1. Could you please describe the issue in more details? What error messages did you get during the project building?

2. Could you specify Mobile Imaging SDK build number that you use?

3. Does the issue appear on the simulator, on a device, or both?