Changing text color

  • Last Post 11 March 2019
aneczka posted this 10 March 2019

How can I change text color in a pdf? I have both Abby FineReader 12 and Abby Transformer+, but I can't see this option in any of them.





Nadezhda A. Solovyeva posted this 11 March 2019

In ABBYY FineReader Engine, you may change the detected text color using the property 

FRDocument.Pages[i].Layout.Blocks[i].GetAsTextBlock().Text.Paragraphs[i].ParagraphStyle.BaseFont.Color for the paragraph and FRDocument.Pages[i].Layout.Blocks[i].GetAsTextBlock().Text.Paragraphs[i].CharParams(no).Color for the single characters.

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