Check Box in ABBY fine reader

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Rama Reddy posted this 21 August 2018

how can we read check boxes ()round or square ) using ABBY Fine reader JAVA SDK? 

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Helen Osetrova posted this 21 August 2018

Hello Rama!


Please find detailed instructions for checkmarks recognition in Developer's Help - Guided Tour - Advanced Techniques - Recognizing Checkmarks.


Please pay your attention that in order to recognize checkmarks you must have an ABBYY FineReader Engine license that supports the OMR module. The information about modules included in your license is available in the License Manager - License Parameters - Data Capture section.


Rama Reddy posted this 22 August 2018

What is the other alternative I have? I am using fine reader Engine on Linux.

Helen Osetrova posted this 23 August 2018

Hello Rama!


You are right, checkmarks recognition is not supported in ABBYY FineReader Engine for Linux. Please find a full list of unsupported features in the Developer's Help → Specifications → Differences between ABBYY FineReader Engine for Windows and Linux.


The possible alternative solution is to use Cloud OCR SDK for working with the checkboxes. Its processCheckmarkField method allows you to extract the value of a checkmark on an image and returns the result of recognition in XML format. The values of checkmarks can be "checked", "unchecked", or "corrected". Please learn more about using this method via the link


If you are interested in Cloud OCR SDK, our Linux OCR Quick Start Guide will help you to get started with using this service. 

Rama Reddy posted this 01 October 2018

Hi Helen,

How can we do this by using cloud ocr SDK? How to include processcheckmark field mothod? 

Helen Osetrova posted this 03 October 2018

Hi Rama,


Cloud OCR SDK is a service that provides the web API for OCR. To use it, you need to be registered. After registration of your account, you will receive the login and password for the Cloud OCR SDK site and will be able to create Application ID and Application Password for each of your applications. This ID (or the name of your application) and Password are required by ABBYY server for each request.


The processCheckmarkField method sends to the server a request of the following type:

[POST] http(s)://


In this request, you should specify the processing parameters such as checkmark type and coordinates of the processing region. Please review the related topic to learn how to specify the processing region. The image file is transmitted in the request body. The result of recognition is returned in XML format. Checkmarks values after the recognition could be "checked", "unchecked", or "corrected".


Our Quick start guides and Code Samples should help you to get started.


Rama Reddy posted this 5 weeks ago

Hi Helen Osetrova,


Can we have any sample any code snippet in java to use OMR?

RuskinF posted this 5 weeks ago

A checkmark field is an element on a machine-readable form (usually rectangular in shape and often called a “check box”) in which a mark should be made (a check/tick, an X, a large dot, inking over, etc.).

  • ABBYY SDKs, FineReader Engine (Win)and FlexiCapture Engine are able to read and process checkmarks,
    the technical term for this is “Optical Mark Recognition” (OMR)
  • The ABBYY’s OMR technology recognizes
    • simple checkmarks,
    • grouped checkmarks,
    • model checkmarks
    • and checkmarks with “corrections” made by hand
  • ABBYY OMR delivers a very accuracy rate of up to 99.995 %