Cloud OCR output returning bigger or cut pages

  • Last Post 11 July 2017
Jose Manuel Jimenez Marin posted this 11 July 2017


I've been using ABBYY's OCR SDK for a while now without any problems. 

Lately though I've been increasingly getting malformed documents when processing my pdf files. Sometimes they appear to be cut from the top. Other times, the document output displays bigger than expected pages with uneven paragraph lines. 

I'm seding one of the affected documents to illustrate my point. 

Input PDF:

Output PDF:

Notice How the second image has a bigger second page and the text looks distorted.


Is there anything I need to change on my config ? 

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 11 July 2017

Could you please try to use imageSource=scanner for PDF files? In this case some types of geometrical distortion will not be performed.