Converting pdf - xml and getting character not word coordinates in the xml

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sid9394 posted this 15 March 2019


So im trying to convert my pdf to xml and its working great but it gives me an xml with the charparams data.

how do i get the same data but word wise not character wise? 



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Denis Gusak posted this 18 March 2019


Try to set XMLExportParams::WriteCharAttributes = XMLCharAttributesEnum.XCA_None

Please check [Developer's Help → API Reference → Parameter Objects → Export Parameters → XMLExportParams] for more information.

sid9394 posted this 19 March 2019

Try to set XMLExportParams::WriteCharAttributes = XMLCharAttributesEnum.XCA_None

Where do i make this change?

I am coding in python 

Sasha Zendrikova posted this 20 March 2019


Sorry, the previous answer refers to another product (FineReader Engine).

In Cloud OCR SDK export to XML is performed in other mode (IXMLExportParams::WriteCharAttributes=XCA_Basic). This parameter cannot be changed by means of Cloud OCR SDK.

sid9394 posted this 21 March 2019

Oh alright

Thank you

Edit: I also have FineReader 14 enterprise. Can it be done through that?

Sasha Zendrikova posted this 21 March 2019

No, only SDK products support export to XML. posted this 07 January 2020

I am not getting where do you have make change. can you please explain me again? i am also facing same problem