Hi Team,

I need a suggestion. We have lot of properties to use and get accurate extracted data from the input. My question is when we have multiple docs some may need some properties and other may need some other properties. But we can't check each and every doc manually and run the properties accordingly right. So how can we make it automate.

Ex: some docs may need page rotation with 90 degree. Some docs may need 270 degree. some may not need any rotation. So how can we make it automate like for those docs to which rotation need to be applied should have that property and remaining docs don't have that property.?

in the same way some docs may need resolution changes and some may not. some docs may need page splitting and some may not need. how can i make it auto mate like which docs need page splitting parameters those docs should have that particular property?


NOTE: I am using ABBYY Fine Reader Java SDK.