Difference between Cloud OCR and FRE SDK (ver. 12)

  • Last Post 26 November 2018
Alexander Ivakhnenko posted this 26 November 2018

Hello Fine Reader Team,


I have developed application what works with Cloud OCR API.

I use TextRecognition feature.

The Cloud API returns me good result what can be reviewed in attached "Cloud API Results.png" file.


Now I try to use FineReader Engine SDK (version 12).

I use TextExtraction_Accuracy predefined profile.

But in this case I see bad recognition results ("FRE SDK Results.png" file).


I think I need to set up additional Parameters settings.

But I have tried some settings and combinations... And I have no expected results.


What difference between Parameters settings for Cloud API and TextExtraction_Accuracy predefined profile?

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Alexander Ivakhnenko posted this 26 November 2018

My code snippets:


public DocumentModel RecognizeDocument(byte[] imageContent)
    DocumentModel result;

    var engineLoader = new InprocLoader();
        var engine = engineLoader.InitializeEngine(_customerProjectId);

        var document = engine.CreateFRDocument();
        using (var abbyyStream = new AbbyReadStream(imageContent))
            // TODO: (alex) what about PrepareMode?
            document.AddImageFileFromStream(abbyyStream, PrepareMode: null);

        // TODO: (alex) what about DocumentProcessingParams?

        var exportParams = engine.CreateXMLExportParams();
        exportParams.WriteCharAttributes = XMLCharAttributesEnum.XCA_Extended;
        exportParams.WriteCharacterRecognitionVariants = true;

        using (var abbyyStream = new AbbyyFileWriter())
            document.ExportToMemory(abbyyStream, FileExportFormatEnum.FEF_XML, exportParams);
            var data = abbyyStream.Stream.ConvertToArray();
            result = data.DesirializeXml<DocumentModel>();

    return result;



public TaskModel CreateRecognitionTask(byte[] imageContent, LanguageEnum language)
    var client = new RestClient(Domain);

    var request = new RestRequest($"/processImage?profile=textExtraction&exportFormat=xml&xml:writeRecognitionVariants=true&readBarcodes=false&language={language}")
        Method = Method.POST


    request.XmlSerializer = new DotNetXmlSerializer();
    request.AddParameter("application/octet-stream", imageContent, ParameterType.RequestBody);

    var response = client.Execute<TaskResponseModel>(request);

    return response.Data.Task;