Document Extraction using an fcdot file.

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semicolon87 posted this 23 July 2018

I am trying to extract fields from a document definition using an fcdot file that was created in the administrator console and used training batch files to determine the field locations/types.

Usually i'd use an .afl or .cfl file and that seems to work nicely.

Do I need to add other files to the engine in order for the extraction to work. (Perhaps the training batch files?)


My code:
1. Init Engine,
2. Create Processor

3. Processor.AddDocumentDefinitionFile(filepath)

4. ExtractDocs = Processor.Extract(docuDefList, docListItm);

5. then i iterate through the ExtractDocs.

This works with afl files but not .fcdoc.

Now the Extract method in 4. uses a list of document definitions, but I already added one in step 3.

It seems odd to convert a .fcdot file to a document definition when it already is one?

Im either missing a step, or need to use another Extract method.



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Denis Gusak posted this 23 July 2018


Could you please clarify what is Processor.Extract(docuDefList, docListItm) method? FlexiCaptureProcessor object does not have methods with such name or parameters.

There are several examples provided with FlexiCapture Engine, including an example of using FlexiCaptureProcessor with *.fcdot files. Please see Hello examples, which are installed by default in "%ProgramData%\ABBYY\SDK\11\FlexiCapture Engine\Samples\".

semicolon87 posted this 30 July 2018


Seems weird, got it working thanks.