"Error - 450" when calling Abbyy API from "R" with package abbyyR

  • Last Post 13 February 2018
CARLOS ORTEGA posted this 12 February 2018


I am getting an error of "HTTP 450" when interacting with your API OCR throughout an "R" script using "abbyyR" package.

I was able to submitt around 130 images, but when reaching this value, it stopped throwing out the error "HTTP 450". I thought it as an error of the network and I switched to another way to access to Internet with my mobile phone. Again, I as able to process up to this 130 images getting again this same error.

Now I get the error just when trying to "deleteTask" that still are in your server to start processing...

Just in case you need to check if there is any kind of blocking or limitation, my application's name is "DocumentValidation".

I have already talked with the author of the "abbyyR" document, and he confirmed that it is an issue with your WebService. Hew suggested to put some kind of Sys.sleep between each call. Is there any limitation in the number of calls per minute in this OCR Web API?.


Carlos Ortega.

Oksana S. posted this 13 February 2018

Hi Carlos,

We have just answered you in detail by email: you have uploaded twice as many images as your current balance allows you to process. Please find more information in our FAQ: Why do I get 'Error 450: Exceeded quota to add images' while testing Cloud OCR SDK performance?