Hi everyone,


We've got an quite old program in VB6 who were using the V10 version of FineReader.

I have to migrate it to use Finereader 12. But I've got a problem instanciation the IEngine.


The old version used GetEngineObject

Private Declare Function GetEngineObject Lib "FREngine.dll" ( _

                ByVal devSN As String, _

                ByVal Reserved1 As String, _

                ByVal Reserved2 As String, _

                EngineObj As FREngine.Engine) As Long


Public Engine As FREngine.Engine

and call it simply

Dim devSN_w As String

Dim ret As Long

 devSN_w = StrConv(Licence_Abbyy, vbUnicode)

 ret = GetEngineObject(devSN_w, "", "", Engine)

and we raised an error if ret was not null.


Now I migrate to InitializeEngine as recommended

Private Declare Function InitializeEngine Lib "FREngine.dll" ( _

                CustomerProjectID As String, _

                LicensePath As String, _

                LicensePassword As String, _

                FREngineDataFolder As String, _

                FREngineTempFolder As String, _

                IsSharedCPUCoresMode As Boolean, _

                ByRef Engine As FREngine.IEngine) _

            As Integer


Public Engine As FREngine.IEngine

And call it using 

    ret = InitializeEngine(devProjectID, "", "", "", "", False, Engine)

And I get an error 274, not referenced, and Engine is not created, whatever is the value of devProjectId.

There's probably something I'm doing wrong, but I don't know what.

I'm using VB6 and a Windows 7 machine

I've got a Developer Trial license with apparently no limitation.

If someone has an idea of why my code won't work (the old version work perfectly with FineReader 10)