Error exporting scanned PDF as searchable PDF

  • Last Post 19 December 2018
homedoc posted this 15 December 2018


I just scanned a 580 page PDF. The document has a lot of text in it already, but the pictures have a lot of text showing up in bitmap form. SO I scanned the document using Finereader 14  to make the text in the images searchable. That part worked fine, but when I used "File/Save As/Searchable PDF document", the program throws a screen error part way through the scan and then aborts:


Internal program error: Src\captionhelper.cpp 158


How can I get around this?

Nadezhda A. Solovyeva posted this 19 December 2018

Hi Homedoc,

It appears that your question is regarding FineReader 14. This forum is dedicated to supporting of FineReader Engine (which is an SDK, not a desktop application). Please contact your FineReader support contact instead.