Error exporting scanned PDF as searchable PDF

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homedoc posted this 15 December 2018


I just scanned a 580 page PDF. The document has a lot of text in it already, but the pictures have a lot of text showing up in bitmap form. SO I scanned the document using Finereader 14  to make the text in the images searchable. That part worked fine, but when I used "File/Save As/Searchable PDF document", the program throws a screen error part way through the scan and then aborts:


Internal program error: Src\captionhelper.cpp 158


How can I get around this?

Nadezhda A. Solovyeva posted this 5 weeks ago

Hi Homedoc,

It appears that your question is regarding FineReader 14. This forum is dedicated to supporting of FineReader Engine (which is an SDK, not a desktop application). Please contact your FineReader support contact instead.