Extracting key and value from Invoice

  • Last Post 15 March 2019
Davy Jones posted this 14 March 2019

Hi All, 

Please help if anyone has done this before. I am using FREngine SDK 12 and Java.

I know Abbyy has a product called Flexcapture but I was wondering if anyone has done this with FREngine SDK.

It seems like possible to get key and values from the pdf I have attached as follows using Field-Level Recognition, Layout and Blocks, custom user profile but don't know how to do it.

Key: Billing Addess

Value: 111 11th St Anywhere SD XXXXX


Key: Invoice No

Value: 3348


Key: Product

Value: My Test Product


Key: Unit Prices

Value: $1,236

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could provide me some codes for this.


Best regards, 


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Nadezhda A. Solovyeva posted this 15 March 2019

Dear Davy,

Your question has been answered already in Zendesk ticket #185635

Oficial ABBYY recommendation is using FlexiCapture for Invoices for the invoices processing.