FineReader-created PDF causes Preview to reformat text on highlight (?)

  • Last Post 27 July 2017
ryanl567 posted this 25 July 2017


I am using finereader to create a pdf from a scanned document on my Mac.  Works great as always, but today I noticed that when I open in Preview, highlight some text and save, preview seems to recode the whole pdf under the surface, and if I re-open and copy pdf text - all I get is gibberish - suggesting the encoding is wrong perhaps? It is really strange and I cannot fix it.  I even tried re-saving the pdf under different versions (version 4,5) - still get same result.  Anyone run into this before, or could diagnose?  I have tried other pdfs not created in finereader - they do not appear to exhibit this behaviour (they were a different pdf version).  Thanks!

Nikolay Krivchanskiy posted this 27 July 2017



As far as I understood, your question is related to FineReader for Mac,  while this forum works for SDK products. I have forwarded your question to my colleagues and they will contact you as soon as possible.