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Arved Baus posted this 16 September 2017

Hey there, 

I am currently using the Cloud OCR SDK to analyze documents with footnotes. In some documents this works really well but in other documents the footnote number within the text is recognized as % or '. Is there a way to force Abbyy to be more aggressive about detecting numbers in the text or footnotes at all? 

Best Regards

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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 18 September 2017

Yes, you can try the textExtraction profile for more aggressive extraction of the text from the images. Sometimes the imageSource=scanner setting also can be useful.

Moreover you can send several samples of your images to with the description of your scenario and we will try to adjust the most appropriate recognition settings.

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Arved Baus posted this 19 September 2017

Dear Oksana,

thank you so much for your hints! I could improve the quality of my results immediately.

I will definitely get in touch with you to improve the outcome even more. 

Best Regards