How can I activate FRE12 license on Docker in a data center.

  • Last Post 18 December 2018
anno posted this 04 December 2018


I am trying to use FRE12 on docker on datacenter.

I have an activation problem because our data center does not allowed outbound connection.
Datacenter has some white list. However, we can't use that because we can only use IP address, not domain name (FQDN).


In my understanding, we must connect * But, we cannot reach there.

Do you have any solution?

1. Could you provide IP range of *
2. Can we use proxy?
3. When we use software activation, where do we connect to? (and is it on limited IP range?)
4. After the software activation completed, are there any communication between * and our server.
5. When we use cloud activation, the engine is going to connect * every time when the engine process documents. Am I right?

Many thanks in advance

Nadezhda A. Solovyeva posted this 18 December 2018

Hello Anno,

Generally, we suggest using cloud licenses for Docker installation. Other options are to be discussed with your sales manager. My answers below are specific to Cloud licensing. In general case, software licenses will not work with Docker. More specific cases are to be discussed with your ABBYY sales manager.

1. We cannot promise that IP range will remain the same during your application lifetime. We would rather suggest adding "IP detection" step in your workflow. You may use any network monitoring utility to find out the current IP that your ABBYY FineReader Engine installation attempts to connect.

2. If you would configure your proxy server to redirect the requests to the certain IP, then this will work. But simple "connection via proxy" is not supported.

3. Cloud licenses do not require an activation.

4. Common software licenses will not work in common Docker environment.

5. Yes, you are correct.  When you use cloud protection, the engine is going to connect * every time when the engine process documents.