free subscription for 100 pages per month - does it work??

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mjostock posted this 05 February 2018


i have a local install of "Abbyy fine reader engine cli for linux". But I have trouble, becouse i have installed it in a virtual environement. ( I don´t want to run a real physical machine all the time for my private purpose).

So, i have try the free subscription of the OCR SDK for 100 pages/Month. For my private purpose the limitation of 100 pages/month is ok.

The last 2 month it works fine. But now, on the dashboard the availale pages don´t reset to "100"

What does this mean?

appreciative for any help!

best regards



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Oksana S. posted this 07 February 2018

Hello Michael,

According to our database, you have already used all 100 free pages for this month. The balance of your application will be supplemented by up to 100 pages on the date of your subscription every month, namely on every 13th day of the month. Please see Billing Terms for more details.

mjostock posted this 07 February 2018

Hello Oksana,

thanks for your help. I wrongly thought the balance will be suplemented of the 1th day of every month.

In the meantime I´ve purchased a small package..

Best regards