FREngine 12 HTMLExport Options with base64 embedded in it

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Aman Gupta posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi we are trying below code in our project to export html document to improve the accuracy of html exported output.But the problem with below code is I get the seperate images for each signature or image along with html and my html has the reference to that image code.I want to know is there a possiblilty to get base64 embedded inside html instead of getting seperate images.That wil be helpful

  //for improving html accuracy parameters

 FREngine.HTMLExportParams htmlExportParams = engineLoader.Engine.CreateHTMLExportParams();

 htmlExportParams.HTMLFormatMode = FREngine.HTMLFormatModeEnum.HFM_Format40;

htmlExportParams.UseDocumentStructure = true;

htmlExportParams.KeepLines = true;

htmlExportParams.HTMLSynthesisMode = FREngine.HTMLSynthesisModeEnum.HSM_ExactCopy;

htmlExportParams.WritePictures = true;

Daria Zvereva posted this 2 weeks ago


Unfortunately, there isn't such feature in Export to HTML.

However, you can implement replacing images with Base64 string by yourself using standard functions or online encoders.


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