Generating a SIMPLE XML output

  • Last Post 23 July 2018
FORK_BOMB posted this 19 July 2018


I've downloaded the Python code sample from GitHub and I am trying to generate a SIMPLE XML output file.

I've seen on this page that I can generate an XML file containing one line for each text line in the input, instead of one line for each character in the input file. I think that I need to use the 'XCA_None'  parameter.

I'm launching the program like this :

./ -xml Input.jpg Output.xml

It works, but the XML output is not what I want. It is the 'XCA_Ascii' by default (one line for each char).

How can I change this option? I did not find it in docs...


Helen Osetrova posted this 23 July 2018


Cloud OCR SDK does not provide XML format you mentioned. Please find detailed description of output XML document on following page:

You could convert the XML file obtained from our service by yourself.