Handwritten text detection

  • Last Post 22 August 2017
Dilshat Uteshev posted this 21 August 2017


I am new in using ABBYY SDK. But I have one question, which I want to investigate. Is it possible to identify (just identify, not recognize) if some document contains handwritten text by using ABBYY SDK's methods? What tool is better to develop so: FineReader engine or FlexiCapture engine? If it is new task for you, can you please share at least your thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


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Dilshat Uteshev posted this 22 August 2017

Is there anybody from ABBYY who can help me with this?

Nikolay Krivchanskiy posted this 22 August 2017

Hello Dilshat,

ABBYY applications are not able to detect handwritten text on pages. To properly process it, you have to specifically state the region what contains the handprinted text.


FineReader Engine would try to recognize such text anyway and if it couldn’t it would probably mark it as picture, if you do not forbid it in the settings.