How this SDK is deciding initial free 5000 App installs or first 5000 uses of OCR scan?

  • Last Post 18 September 2018
Mayur Baldha posted this 11 September 2018

Please Follow for details.


There are different SDKs of Abby.



What SDKs belong to free License & What SDKs belong extended license ?

Oksana S. posted this 18 September 2018


Please sorry for our delayed response.

The Free Version of ABBYY RTR SDK can be downloaded directly from our site, the Extended version can be received only via our Sales Managers. According to the License Agreement, for both these versions the statement about the Internet connection that should be enabled at least every 90 days is true, otherwise the RTR SDK functionality may be blocked by ABBYY.

If the issue with license is still actual, please send to your license file (AbbyyRtrSdk.license) and kindly specify the RTR SDK build number from the Readme.html file.