How to get character wise output in XML using the sample JAVA code from the FineReader SDK?

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ashyam95 posted this 11 July 2018

I get XML in this format when I used the Cloud OCR

<line baseline="481" l="228" t="429" r="559" b="493">

   <formatting lang="EnglishUnitedStates">

      <charParams l="228" t="433" r="256" b="480">E</charParams>

      <charParams l="263" t="444" r="296" b="493">q</charParams>

      <charParams l="305" t="445" r="337" b="481">u</charParams>

      <charParams l="345" t="430" r="356" b="480">i</charParams>

      <charParams l="360" t="436" r="383" b="481">t</charParams>

      <charParams l="386" t="445" r="420" b="493">y</charParams>

      <charParams l="421" t="430" r="441" b="493"> </charParams>

      <charParams l="442" t="430" r="453" b="480">i</charParams>

      <charParams l="462" t="444" r="493" b="480">n</charParams>

      <charParams l="498" t="429" r="521" b="480">f</charParams>

      <charParams l="524" t="444" r="559" b="481">o</charParams>



But I get this when I used the FineReader offline SDK. I ran the sample code that was included while installing.

<line baseline="701" l="1040" t="670" r="2343" b="709">

   <formatting lang="EnglishUnitedStates">

      Have you ever think that your digital camera could successfully replace



I want to get the result in the same format as the first result. What do I have to change from the code to get it in that manner?

Helen Osetrova posted this 13 July 2018

Hello, Ashyam!

To get the .xml file in the desired format, please set the properties of the XMLExportParams object:

FREngine.XMLExportParams XMLParams = engineLoader.Engine.CreateXMLExportParams();

XMLParams.WriteCharAttributes = FREngine.XMLCharAttributesEnum.XCA_Basic;

And then pass this object to the document.Export() method:

document.Export( Path.Combine( FreConfig.GetSamplesFolder(), @"Demo.xml"), FREngine.FileExportFormatEnum.FEF_XML, XMLParams);


Hope this information will be helpful!

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