How to get confidence level as a return value - IOS OCR SDK

  • Last Post 19 May 2017
Sanjeewa Gunathilake posted this 19 May 2017

 Is there a “confidence level” or similar value being returned for the OCR reading? I know that I can set TMocrRecognitionConfidenceLevel as an input parameter. But I want to get a confidence score as a return value for a successful scan. In iOS OCR SDK, following method being fired after successful scan. 

- (void) onRecognizeTextOnImageSucceedWithLayout:(CMocrLayout*)layout




    [self generateStringForPositionBased:layout];


    // Release arguments.

    [self onAfterRecognition];



I could not found a method or value for get a confidence level of the scan after successful scan. Please help me on this.




Oksana Serdyuk posted this 19 May 2017

Mobile OCR Engine does not support returning such information regarding the whole recognized page, but you can try to calculate it by yourself using the information about uncertainly recognized characters.

You can get the information about the confidence level from the isUncertain property of the MocrCharacter class in standard recognition output. The isUncertain method checks if the character has been recognized uncertainly and if yes, it returns true.
The details of a character can be obtained by using the MocrCharacter class which represents a character of the recognized text.
Please find more information in the Help file.