How to make complex templates using train mode in SDK

  • Last Post 01 June 2017
shreedhar posted this 29 May 2017

I created 1 template for 1 field. Template is like find word " Date " on whole page & after that given 1 regular expression for date format. It works. When i use this template in SDK , SDK understands it & gives result. What i want here is how can i make complex template through code, or how can i create complex templates using training mode in SDK.
Complex in the sense(there are 25 fields which takes blocks according to document, 1 document have date top-right corner, one document has date left-bottom, all 25 fields are having same situation like date). How can i do that through code. I dont want to use flexilaout to create complex templates.

IvanPopov posted this 01 June 2017

FlexiCapture Engine API is not intended for designing comprehensive Document Definitions. A lot of the objects and properties that you could create and modify in FlexiLayout Studio are simply not available in the FlexiCapture Engine API.

If you would like to create comprehensive Document Definitions based on flexible layouts (where the locations of identical data fields vary from one document to another), we would strongly suggest that you use FlexiLayout studio to do that, as it is a powerful and specialized tool.