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Sethu MK posted this 13 September 2017

Need to know how to override the default XML element /node generation. the Can you please share the "API" help document as well? Currently passing it as null in the following api to generate xml.

void ExportDocumentEx(IDocument Document, string ExportRootFolder, string FileName, IFileExportParams ExportParams = null);



Anna Borina posted this 27 September 2017


As far as I understand you want to change the way data is exported into XML file. Generally to do this you should do the following:

1. CreateFileExportParams.

2. Specify the export format to XML

3. Change the properties of FileExportParams::XMLParams object to configur export.

4. Pass the FileExportParams object to the ExportDocumentEx method.

Please find more information about this in Help →  Guided Tour → Advanced Techniques → Tuning Export Parameters.