[FREngine 12] How to properly deinitialise IEngine?

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Andy Shiue posted this 3 weeks ago


I am new to FRE and am wondering how to properly deinitialise the IEngine in the following scenario.


In Windows, we extract the dll and call IEngine.load while for other OS we directly call IEngine.InitializeEngine.


I can see there's Unload and DeinitializeEngine. Just want to know whether we just need to call DeinitializeEngine in both case or we do Unload for Windows and DeinitializeEngine for the other?

Thank you very much in advance.



Koen de Leijer posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Andy

We also work with Java on both Linux and Windows,
I have never used the Unload method, we rely on DeinitializeEngine

Best regards

Koen de Leijer

    private IEngine engine = null;

    public void Run(String inputfilename, String dllFolder, String developerSn, String languages) throws Exception {
        // Load ABBYY FineReader Engine
        engine = Engine.GetEngineObject(dllFolder, developerSn);

        try {
            // Setup ABBYY FineReader Engine
            print("Loading ABBYY predefined profile");
            String profile = "DocumentConversion_Accuracy";

            // Process PDF
        } catch (Exception ex) {
        } finally {
            // Unload ABBYY FineReader Engine
            print("Deinitializing ABBYY Engine...");
            engine = null;