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Hello All,

While installing the trial version for FineReader Engine 11, I am getting the ERROR popup box every time, once i submit the licence code and clicking.

Please let me know what is the possible error here?

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Koen de Leijer posted this 03 February 2018


I suppose your license key is not correct,
All trial licenses I have retrieved over time start with SWET or SWEE, yours starts with SWAT

Best regards
Koen de Leijer

Oksana S. posted this 05 February 2018


Actually, a license number can start with "SWAT".

Possible the downloaded distribution kit is corrupted. Could you please try the following steps?

  1. Delete the downloaded distribution kit from the computer.

  2. Clean out the registry entries left from the previous FREngine 11 installation (if there was such installation earlier):
    a. Create a folder on a hard drive (this folder can be located on any drive and have any name, for example C:\EngineUninst).
    b. Download the MsiZap utility from the MSDN site.
    c. Run the command from the command line:

    C:\EngineUninst\MsiZap.exe TW! {AFE11000-0001-0000-0000-074957833700}

  3. Disable the antivirus software installed on your computer.

  4. Download the distribution kit again to the local directory and run the installation by right-clicking onto the setup.exe file and selecting Run as administrator.

In case this does not solve the issue please send to

  1. The AInfo report. Please find the instruction of how to create such report in our KnowledgeBase:

  2. The ABBYYMsiLog.txt installation log. It can be found in the %temp% folder. To open the %temp% folder insert %temp% in Windows Explorer address field and press Enter;

  3. The ABBYY FineReader Engine 11.log installation log (generally this log should be included to the AInfo report). This log first appears in the %temp% folder. Then, if the installation was successful, it is moved to the installation folder. If the installation failed it remains in the %temp% folder.

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  • Koen de Leijer posted this 06 February 2018


I am still getting the error box while installing the Finereader Engine, can some help me from ABBYY as I need to decide the use of this for my project work? posted this 06 February 2018

Still it give the error message as "You have entered an invalid serial number"

Oksana S. posted this 07 February 2018

We have answered you by email.