Java Support for FREngine on Mac OS X?

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mike.warren posted this 08 June 2017

Is there Java support for the Mac OS X FREngine framework?  The two demo applications are written in Objective C and while I was able to create a proof of concept using Obj-C and Swift using the samples as my basis I work at a Java shop so I would like to reuse all of our Java assets for a project I am currently working on.  I saw there was a JAR file listed in the "Windows" category on the FREngine website.  There are also references to Java in the features document but that might just be because the OCR engine can read Java code.

So I guess it boils down to: What FREngine platforms support integrating with Java code without writing a custom JNI/JNA framework?  Or am I stuck with Obj-C/Swift?

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Diana Khammatova posted this 08 June 2017

Java is not supported in Maс version of FRE 11.

And we do not have plans to support Java in Maс version in nearest future.

mike.warren posted this 08 June 2017

What about the Linux version?


Diana Khammatova posted this 09 June 2017

We support Java in Linux version. Besides there are some standard samples for java in the FRE 11 for Linux.