Linux and Multithreads

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Hyunruel Cho posted this 15 November 2018

Hello, I have used  a FREngein 11 for Windoows. using Enginepool sample.

and I'm going to porting this to linux. but I have not seen any example in java related to Engines Pool.

just have a sample using rmi. (we don't need to use rmi)

Do you have a sample like Enginepool for linux?

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Hyunruel Cho posted this 15 November 2018

thanks your replay.

so what is this.

FineReader Engine 11 Linux - Release 8 Update3

  • Release Date: 27.02.2018
    • Part#: 1155/39
    • Build:
  • Release Date: 27.02.2018
    • Part#: 1155/38 (with EULA)
    • Build:

Multithreading in C++
In addition to using Java wrapper, it is now possible to implement multithreading solutions using C++.
The document processing can be performed in parallel by different Engine instances which are running on separate threads. The parallel processing of document on multiple threads scales your application's performance and increases the overall document processing speed.

A new code sample for multithreading
The code sample allows developers developing multithreading client-server applications quickly and easily. Using the code sample, you can create several threads, each working with its own FineReader Engine instance. The sample is free of charge and can be used within own applications.

Hyunruel Cho posted this 16 November 2018

So do you have a sample project(enginepool) with c++?

Could you send me it?