LoadProfile() not loading profile

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evoflo posted this 01 September 2017

I have created the following Profile.


CorrectSkewMode = CSM_CorrectSkewByHorizontalText,CSM_CorrectSkewByVerticalText

CorrectOrientation = true

 Unfortunately, the loaded page will not be rotated as it would when manually Setting the CorrectOrientation property. I am guessing, I am doing something wrong loading the Profile....?

private void loadProfile()



   string profile = Path.Combine(Application.StartupPath, "..\..\profiles\TableRecognitionProfile.ini");

   profile = Path.GetFullPath(profile);



(The path is correct (File.Exists() -> true).)


document.Preprocess(null, null, rep, null);

RecognitionParams are user defined.

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evoflo posted this 08 September 2017

Update: I have added (appended)


;WriteCharacterRecognitionVariants = true

;WriteWordRecognitionVariants = true

WriteCharFormatting = true

This works fine while the Rotation of the page stil only works when Setting the property manually and overhanding the PagePreprocessingParams object to the method.

Diana Khammatova posted this 08 September 2017

Could you please send the following information to SDK_Support@abbyy.com so that we could help you:

  • Serial number of your license
  • A full description of the issue
  • A modifyed standard Hello sample that reproduces your issue.
  • Input documents on which the message is reproduced and profile TableRecognitionProfile.ini
  • An Engine log, generated by your program. Such log can be obtained by calling StartLogging() method of the Engine object after it is initialized.

evoflo posted this 11 September 2017

After collecting all data/code and submitting it, I realized that only something with the Preprocessing block itself can be wrong.

It's embarrassing to say but it's simply a spelling error: PagePreProcessingParams should be PagePreprocessingParams...

Diana Khammatova posted this 11 September 2017

We are happy to hear that you were able to resolve this issue. We wish you a successful outcome for all your projects!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have in the future. We will be glad to assist you.