Modify quality / resolution of output PDF

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gershon posted this 3 weeks ago

I noticed that when processing input to searchable PDF output, the output file size is quite small. Example: a one page 1.4 Mbyte PDF input file results in a 112 Kbyte searchable PDF output file. I often see a 50-90% file size reductions after having processed the input to a searchable PDF output. My idea is that image compression is applied while processing. I do like some compression, though, would like to archive documents as searchable PDF and don't wan't to loose too much of the original quality.

Is there a way to set / modify / alter the quality / compression-level / resolution of the output PDF when using the Cloud OCR APIs?

IvanPopov posted this 3 weeks ago

ABBYY Cloud OCR API does not provide means to modify parameters of export to PDF. You can use the exportFormat parameter of the processing methods to chose one of the variants of export to PDF (pdfSearchable, pdfTextAndImages and pdfa) and the pdf:writeTags to specify whether the result must be written as a tagged PDF file.